DOCUMENTARY Chef Inmate Kitchen Activities in Prison 2nd Class a Paledang Bogor


  • Dipo KrishYudi Ono Institut Kesenian Jakarta


chef inmate, prison 2nd class a paledang bogor penitentiary, documentary, construction policy humanity prison


This research aims to determine the role of inmate, especially work at kitchen or can be called a chef inmate, fostering Guidance at the 2nd Class A Paledang Bogor Penitentiary. Data or audio documentation of kitchen chef inmate activities in carrying out their work in the kitchen, see the process of making food from the beginning of food stuffs arrived to prison until it is processed and consumed for the inmates and their daily activities. This documentation and documentary shows coaching with the meaning of communication between the sides of the kitchen as well as a glimpse of the personal lives of some of the assisted citizens. The documentary itself has a premise, namely the activity of Zaenal a chef inmate two days before the release who has the position as chair of the kitchen. The results this study were formed into two, first is documentary film figure (portrait) Zaenal with a touch of Documentary Research, by title the daily life of a kitchen chef in correctional institutions as a basic benchmark for the cultivation of "Another Eye of the Chef", and second was documentation shows the overall chef activity in the kitchen and half inmate part of construction policy humanity prison. Activities chef started from receiving food ingredients, processing, packaging, and delivery to all residents of the 2nd Class A Paledang Bogor. Records of video documentation chef activities as well as assisted residents part of construction policy humanity prison at the Penitentiary with another activity, lasts being recorded from December 2017 to August 2018


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Dipo KrishYudi Ono , Institut Kesenian Jakarta

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