Post-Truth Maze Interactive Installation


  • Dyah Ratna Permatasari Institut Kesenian Jakarta


post-truth, installation, science, art


Viral information from social media nowadays has a big impact to the urban life. Noises in social media affect the discussion topics at café, social gathering, education institution, and even at the Presidential Palace. It is not only talking about politics. The viral information from social media  have also influenced the fashion trend, health issues, education, and security. The virtual world now becomes a part of modern people. Unfortunately, not all of the viral information are true. The revolutionair development of social media has created a new phenomenon, called Post-Truth, appointed as the Word of the Year 2016 by the Oxford Dictionaries. It is not important whether the information is factual, because the opinion has been set based on individual faith and emotion. Fake news is just swallowed and gone viral because emotionally it is believed to be true. When I saw a chemical reaction called Belousov dan Zhabotinsky, I was amazed with the pattern it made. It has an oscillating pattern. Then, I recalled that it is like the Post-Truth pattern. It just go viral when the mixture of solutions produce chemical reactions.  Inspired from the reaction, I finally designed a post-truth maze interactive installation for my final project.


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Author Biography

Dyah Ratna Permatasari, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Postgraduate School


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