Indonesian Animation Industry Ecosystem Study


  • Ehwan Kurniawan Institut Kesenian Jakarta


the Indonesian animation ecosystem, Indonesian animation


The Indonesian animation ecosystem is a merger of each unit that involves reciprocal interactions of the concept of ideas, production, distribution, exhibition, appreciation, and continuous interdependent education. So that the flow of work processes and relations between institutions/agencies can be connected and mutually supportive towards certain targets to be achieved and a cycle that is interconnected and synergized, so that the role of industry, education, community and government and media can run well to advance this animation ecosystem. "Animation is the display of frames to frames in a time sequence to create the illusion of continuous movement so that the appearance looks as if life or has a life." keys from the definition above are: (1) Sequence of images (2) Live images (3) Moving images (4) Sequences of images (5) Illusion of motion (6) Animate images (7) Moving cartoons (8) Frame by frame. Animation is defined as "the arrangement of images constructed in such a way as to provide the illusion of real motion as an information communication medium seen from a display medium. Improving the quality and quantity of animated education, increasing the quality and quantity in animation education is needed to support the creation and dissemination of actors in an equitable and sustainable manner to support production in industry, make it better standard human resource in animation industry and environment to connecting with the market local and global, festival, and best appreciation from global industry.


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Ehwan Kurniawan, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Faculty of Fine Arts


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