Wayang Beber Urban


  • Jati Noegroho Institut Kesenian Jakarta


wayang beber, daily activities, urban community


Beber puppet is an image  showing and told by Dalang(master of puppet). Traditional versions usually used Javanese language. First time from Stone Puppet then developed to Lontar Puppet. Lontar Puppet is painted used Gedog Paper. Beber Puppet still black and white color in the twelfth century. Beber Puppet tradition have found in Pacitan and Wonosari. WBM (Wayang Beber Metropolitan) community still conserved Beber Puppet. Researcher more than nine month for joined, attended, workshop, and following WBM. Most impotant for making process Beber Puppets. Urban life is raised theme   Researcher make of Beber Puppets eight meters and divided into two scenes. First meters are first scene and second four meter are second scene. After finish then performed Urban Beber Pupet in Situbatujajar, and Pangasinan. Researcher as Dalang in every performance. Urban Beber Pupet performance used modern music like bass guitar, instrument music, and drums. Using daily activities of urban community as theme, this contempory beber puppet is desingned and performed.


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Author Biography

Jati Noegroho, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Graduate School of Arts


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