Digital Imaging Crafting Of Nokia Handphone Print Ad In 2009


  • Saut Irianto Manik Institut Kesenian Jakarta


advertising, digital imaging, manipulation, new reality


The industry of advertising in Indonesia is vastly developing, which can be seen from the creativity that is supported by the digital technology that has entered the area of visualization. Digital technology has brought a new discourse in the matter of producing visual advertising. The production of advertising has had a significant change in terms of execution. The advancement of manipulation becomes a strong element that is calculated in the visual execution process of a print ad design nowadays. The expertise in this area becomes an important position in the work process that has to be maximized by every advertising agency, and of course the involved practitioners. This research is done through the method of direct observation by analyzing a sample ad, the ad of Nokia phone. It finds that the visual of ad can build a manipulated new reality from the mind of a digital imaging designer to the mind of a reader (target audience) of the print ad. The manipulation of digital imaging requires a concept of art direction, because the power of visual that is produced by the advancement of digital imaging can change society’s thinking pattern towards the messages in the print ad and it influences the mind and desire of the consumers to buy the product. Therefore, a digital imaging designer has to train their sense of art direction.


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Saut Irianto Manik , Institut Kesenian Jakarta

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