Jakarta Distract: Research Practices and Artwork Development


  • Tri Aru Wiratno Institut Kesenian Jakarta


art, distract, research and development work in art


Art as an activity that experiences jump and zig zag from the life of social reality that is run by through art. Art combines reality with imagination as an effort to find what is the expression in seeing socio-cultural realities, as a form and value found in self when in the lives of its people. While the reality of life lived by human life in the reality of socio-culture is not as easy as what is thought and planned, because the reality of human life experiences jumping and zigzagging in carrying it out to achieve what is the goal and ideals, as a form of art and life. Distract a picture of the condition of socio-cultural reality where the people who experience inability to do things properly, in the face of problems that exist in their lives. This attitude of art as a form of research practice and developer of artwork with the terrain that is made. As a method of making fine art works. The practice of scrutiny and the development of research are carried out by making basic concepts of work, sketches and works. Among the concepts of works, sketches and works of art found what is called the practice of research and development research. Linda Candy Practice Based Research and Borg and Gall with research and development.


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Author Biography

Tri Aru Wiratno, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Faculty of Fine Arts


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