Exploration of Clay in the Sub-districts of Pagelaran, Penanggungan and Dinoyo, the City of Malang


  • Zamilia Institut Kesenian Jakarta


clay, exploration, mapping, experiment


The aim of experiment research from the exploration of soil burning in the sub districts of Pagelaran, Penanggungan and Dinoyo to make a mapping of those districs then it can make knowledge contribution for pottery craftmen by knowing the product that matches to the soil material and the combution technique used is in accoradance with the design made. The target to be achieved is to find out the type of soil and its contents from those three districts and develop the design according the result of exploration and experiment thus increasing the production and sales process. The methods used are qualitative descriptive method by conducting literature study, observation, interview, photo documentation, experiment and material exploration.


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Author Biography

Zamilia, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Fakultas Seni Rupa


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