Orality in Digital Visual Space: Trafi’s Live Update Column


  • Moelyono Rahardjo Institut Kesenian Jakarta
  • Sonya Sondakh Institut Kesenian Jakarta


public transportation, BRT, busway, Transjakarta, trafi, passenger information, digital map, routes, culture, digital space, habit


When we navigate through Jakarta’s public transportation system for the first time, we might face complex, not-integrated system. Even if we traveled using single system (Angkot, BRT, or trains), still, we could easily get lost when facing a system with lacks of or too many stacked similar informations on certain stops. Lots of the available informations for passengers are outdated. The routes in reality are not the same. Trafi is one of the applications that help passengers
navigate through Jakarta’s public transportation systems, specifically TransJakarta. Recent studies found that there is always a room for debates on regulations, operators, entrepreneurs, and how private transportations users still infringed BRT special lanes; but rarely spoken from passengers’ point of view. Here, we show a glimpse of the discoveries we found when studied the TransJakarta BRT passenger information systems on transportation culture in Jakarta. Inside Trafi, is available an apps called “Live update”. We found some interesting questions coming from the passengers who asked for directions, ranted about the lack of quality service, poor buses’ dwelling time, passengers waiting too long and confusions in stops or routes. For us, this discovery is interesting to study, as digital natives, previous transportation system habits was use in these BRT’s system. And these issue can be correlate to what was in the deep layers of local culture about space, time and behaviour.


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Author Biographies

Moelyono Rahardjo, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Graduate School

Sonya Sondakh, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Graduate School 


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