“Reading the Visual, Reading the Movement: Observing Kopi Keliling’s 2011-2017 Events (e-) Posters”


  • David Rafael Tandayu Institut Kesenian Jakarta


kopi keliling, poster, movement, system, ideology


From 2011 to 2017 Kopi Keliling, a visual art-based organization in Jakarta, has held various offline events that are promoted online with (e-)posters. Kopi Keliling has five events that were launched from 2011 up to 2014. Author views that Kopi Keliling’s events posters are not just for promotional needs, but contains certain meaning. To be able to read the meaning in posters, I use structure-system-pattern structuralism semiotic approach and the reading of denotation to connotation meaning then to the ideology as offered by Roland Barthes. Based on the research and doing methodological efforts, the finding is that visual aspects in Kopi Keliling’s posters at least explain that its sustainability as organization runs systematically in its purpose to build a creative movement in Jakarta, and that the movement contains modern oriented-ideology.


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Author Biography

David Rafael Tandayu, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Graduate School


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