• Tri Aru Wiratno Faculty of Arts and Design, Jakarta Institute of The Arts


Model, painting, intuition, peculiarity


Digital science and technology rationalize the ability to create a painter’s art. The ability to describe concepts as digital science and technology is very rational in making paintings as a production mechanism. Emphasis is placed on abilities related to form, colour, artistic elements, and mastery of painting material as a concept of painting. Painting works represent the mind of a painter, not the expression of a painter. While the concept of intuition in painting as an expression of a painter, where ideas come from integral experiences in his life, reflects the value of the reality of a painter’s life in reflecting in his intuitive work. Henri Bergson’s intuition about various experiences becomes a continuous unit in the work. Experience is a unit, in the sense of integrating an infinite period of time with the model as a trial design. Literature study and participatory research methods as part of the creative process show that the concept of intuition is like a creative process. Interpretive analysis to open and explain the problems of painting models with intuitive concepts in a structured manner. That intuition is an integral experience that he has discovered so that intuition is able explain the uniqueness of an invention, natural intuition, cultural intuition, religious intuition, mathematical intuition.