Vol. 1 (2022): Prosiding Seminar Internasional - ICDAD (International Conference Dialogue on Art and Design)

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Prosiding Seminar Internasional - ICDAD - 2022

Jakarta, 6 - 7 Desember 2022

Dr. Indah Tjahyawulan, M.Sn
(Rector of Jakarta Institute of the Arts, Indonesia)
“Instagram as a Medium of Transcultural Interaction”

Grace Siregar
(Independent artist, Isle of Bute, Scotland)
“Ulos as a Futuristic Traditional Element in my Contemporary Art Work”

Lian Ladia
(500 Capp Street, San Francisco, USA)
“Minor Curatorial Gestures”

Renée Akitelek Mboya
(Wali Chafu Collective, Nairobi)
“Lullaby For A Small Death:
On Mythology And Mortality In The Archive”

Rodolfo Andaur
(Curator and cultural manager, Iquique)
“Curating Territorial Research Trips”

Transcultural Dialogue in Art and Design
As a concept, transculturalism has critically provided an entry point in understanding the zone of contact when cultures meet, interact, are challenged, or transformed through cultural mixing. Furthermore, globalization has pushed us to think about artistic and cultural practices beyond the boundaries of the nation-state. In some notes, globalization has encouraged the development of contemporary art practices and discourses in Indonesia in the 1990s, accompanied by openness in expression, and the rapid penetration of information technology. As is the case in many other parts of the world, art practices have developed to become more global, transcultural, and intercultural. Therefore, various attempts have been made to revise the Western-centered Art History, also known as Euro-Americancentricism, to represent the discipline of art history as a more multicultural field, to find alternatives to the available chronological order, and to focus on practical reading outside the dominant culture. With the increasingly rapid development of technology, the migration of images, information, and ideas, has become an inseparable part of human life today in most areas of the world. Continuously, this affects the transformation of today's social and cultural realities. Based on this idea, the FSRD-IKJ International Seminar entitled “Transcultural Dialogue in Art and Design” is organized to present studies from academics who have a focus on transcultural discourse in art practice; including fine arts, and crafts, visual communication design, interior design to fashion. Within this framework, the seminar will focus on specific topics which are:

On practice: Global art and transcultural aesthetics
This topic focuses on how transcultural aesthetics formed in the other part of the world beyond Europe and North America. The topic may focus on artistic practices, ideas, and material culture in a specific context.

On identities: Transcultural ties and identities
This topic focuses on the migration phenomena of the people that affect their identity, and culture, and how they preserve transcultural identity in the new places.

On technology: Vast dissemination of images, ideas, and meaning
This topic focuses on the role of technology in the transcultural phenomena. Technology does not only advance artistic practices, but it has also the potency to create and disseminate a new meaning speedily.

On resistance: Art as the means to challenge the dominant power
This topic focuses on how art and design are used as a tool to challenge the dominant power, i.e. epistemological thought that narrates the history of art. The topic seeks how transcultural thought from many perspectives can challenge this power to create new narratives and reflections.

Published: 2022-12-07